Indoor Recreational Activities for Office

Just consider the amount of time a person spends in office or work place – it works out to a major portion of life. To get the best out of it, there needs to be a close bonding between all employees, a feeling of camaraderie that is definitely no less than that with friends and family. This is one reason why employers today are going far beyond the traditional come-work-leave office structure and opting for an environment that focuses on staff engagement away from the desk. These include staff development sessions and a working day that is intercepted with fun and games. This gives everyone a space to unwind and take a break from stress which in turn leads to higher quality of output and productivity.

As an employer, here are a few indoor recreational activities that you can try out to help your team be familiar with each other more closely. There are two categories here. The first is pure games and fun where staff gets to know each other better, not simply as a colleague seen every day at a desk but as a human being with a life outside the office. The second is where office issues are brought up in a light hearted manner and solutions sought in a collective problem solving setting. However, for this write-up, the categorisations will not be made explicitly.

  • Solve your troubles – This is a unique game with problem solving properties. Ask your employees to take a piece of paper and write down any issues that have been bothering them lately. Now have them crumple it up and throw them in a box. Segregate your employees into groups and have each team pick up a few problems at random. Have the team brainstorm the issues and try and come up with an answer. The beauty of this game is that without knowing to whom this problem is related to, others chip in to help out in getting around it.
  • Sharpening design and marketing skills – No amount of formal training can replace an exercise where ideas are harvested through group discussions. Have each team member select an item at random from their desk. This will be the product for which a name and logo has to be selected and a marketing plan is to be chalked out within a given time frame. This can be done in a group or individually. Without going into class room teachings, the creativity of individual minds is encouraged in this game. This is usually a preferred game with top SEO companies as it can help sharpen the originality of individuals to design marketing campaigns and use it optimally for regular client work.
  • Improvisation – This is a great fun and relaxing game. Divide staff into groups of 8 or less and give each team six objects at random. Give them 5 minutes to come up with a skit of two to three minutes where all the 6 objects have to be used. To add a touch of competitiveness, have others vote on their favourite skit and declare a winner. Leaving aside the fun and laughter part, this is a game that helps build the art of collective team work. An example will illustrate this point better. Take the case of an Australian web development company that will surely have clients from all business sectors and industries. When employees are pushed to create story lines literally out of thin air with unfamiliar objects, the experience will stand them in good stead when they have to devise quality marketing campaigns for various products and services of which they have little practical knowledge.

There are literally hundreds of games that you can think of to help your staff bond together. You can even opt for the traditional snooker or table tennis that are of course more recreational and can help staff to unwind after a hectic day. What you choose to do depends on your specific office environment.